Charleston Gypsum EIFS Claims

EIFS Class Action relating to Parex brand Exterior Finish and Insulation Systems sold by 
Charleston Gypsum (principally in the Charleston, South Carolina MSA/Tri-County Area)

Justin Lucey and co-counsel prosecuted a class action against a distributor known
as Charleston Gypsum, previously located in North Charleston, SC. The suit concerned the Parex
brand EIFS (Exterior Finish and Insulation System) sold by Charleston Gypsum in the 1991-mid 
1995 time frame.

EIFS, also commonly referred to as synthetic stucco, is an exterior cladding system consisting of 
layers of EPS board (analogous to Styrofoam), fiberglass mesh, and plasticized stucco. Plaintiffs 
alleged that this system is inherently defective in that it permits water intrusion behind it at 
terminations/penetrations, e.g. windows, and allows damage to occur unnoticed within the 
structure’s walls.

A settlement was reached and proceeds were distributed to Charleston residents who were identified in the Defendants’ records.

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