LP Trim Board Claims

In 2008, Justin Lucey and co-counsel reached a class action settlement with Louisiana Pacific for compensation to home owners and others for damaged Trimboard on their structures. Trimboard is a manufactured or composite wood trim product, sometimes referred to as medium density fiberboard, which is used as trim on the exterior of structures. It comes in different widths, and is often used as trim around windows and doors, at corners of structures as corner board, as or over the band board at the base of the first floor, as fascia or soffit near the roof line, and/or as decorative trim on columns, rail posts, and along porches or stair stringers.

Plaintiff alleged that the Trimboard was unsuitable for exterior use, and that it often failed prematurely due to water absorption, resulting in swelling or decay. The settlement provided for compensation of $17 per foot for partial replacement of damaged Trimboard; or $14 per foot for complete replacement of damaged Trimboard, less attorney fees of one third.

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