MI Windows and Doors, Inc.

Lucey Law Firm and other MDL counsel settled a class action regarding MI Windows (“MIWD”) for windows which leak. The case was part of a collection of state-wide class actions against MIWD for leaky windows which were consolidated in Charleston, South Carolina for joint prosecution. The windows get/accumulate a residue (crud) line above or below the lift handle.  The residue/curd line results from water penetration through Window glazing, as a result of MIWD using “glazing tape” to glaze (waterproof) its windows.  The glazing tape prematurely fails, resulting in water penetration through the Window glazing.  The windows also suffer from water intrusion at the lower window corners (frame joints) that results in stained (rust or black colored joints) and other leaks.  In addition to the premature window failure and leaking, the windows can cause staining of the window stool (the wood sill) and adjacent paint finishes, drywall, or trim. This class action included all MIWD Windows vinyl, aluminum, and composite windows manufactured between July 1, 2000, and March 31, 2010 which relied upon glazing tape to seal the intersection between the glass and the window frame.

The final approval settlement hearing occurred on June 30, 2015.  The approved settlement provided repair or replacement of sashes and cash payment of up to $2,500 per home for consequential damages and up to $1,250 per home for prior repairs of consequential damages.

The deadline to file a new claim was December 28, 2015.  No new claims will be accepted. All claims have processed by the claims administrator, Epiq. Relief fulfillment (e.g. repairs, sash replacement, etc.) remains in process. Communication regarding you relief fulfillment will occur directly with the claims office via email or by regular mail.

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